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The Bountyland Church of God was established in June 1969 in the aftermath of a notable tent crusade by Rev. Dr. T.L. Lowery the prior year. A congregation of the Church of God (Cleveland, TN), the vision for a new church in a growing part of the county brought forth a cooperative effort to establish a life giving church. By God’s grace we will be celebrating our Golden Anniversary at our Homecoming in June, 2019. The following men have served as pastor over the years:

  1. Rev. Billy Bowman, founding pastor (June 1969-December 1970)
  2. Rev. Alvin Wilson (December 1970-1984)
  3. Rev. Roger Allison (1984 – June 1991)
  4. Rev. Tony Edwards (June 1991 – late 1994)
  5. Rev. R. E. Murray (1995)
  6. Rev. Tony Edwards (1996 – late 1997)
  7. Rev. Wallace Purvis (late 1997 – December 1999)
  8. Rev. Ed Brewer (January 2000 – present)

Today Bountyland is a vibrant, missional, diverse, word centered, prayer focused, classical Pentecostal church in the process of moving on to ‘what’s next’. Join us as we honor our past, labor to steward the blessings of today, and press on toward our bright promised future pursuing our Lord’s Great Commission.


These are the random ruminations of a man on the run. The goal is to run this race of life well, encouraging as many as I can along the way, and to eventually meet my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and thank Him for the trip. (I am also prone to shamelessly brag on my perfect grandchildren.)

Ed Brewer

....random musings of a man on a mission

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